Q-Connect Cartridges

High Quality Toner Cartridges from Q-Connect are easy on your wallet and the environment.

You might have experienced huge quality differences between the toner products that are currently available on the market. You might have even tried remanufactured cartridges. If not, or if you were not satisfied, take a few minutes to check out the following: There are remanufactured cartridges available on the market that are worth buying! We are not just saying they exist; we are even going to prove it

Q-Connect – A Product You Can Trust

You can always trust Q-Connect

The Q-Connect product range covers all major print brands of the industry. The OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) most likely will tell you that their printer warranty becomes void if you are using remanufactured products. This is NOT true! Using a remanufactured Q-Connect toner cartridge WILL NOT invalidate your printer warranty!

But the main reasons to buy Q-Connect cartridges are yet to come.

With Q-Connect you can save money

In today’s challenging economic times, we are all well aware of what we spend. With remanufactured Q-Connect toner cartridges you do not have to compromise on quality or page yield – they have the same performance as the original product, but only for a fraction of the cost. You can easily check how much money you can save if you compare the cost per page of the original product and the Q-Connect alternative. Be amazed! With the “Extra Capacity” cartridge versions, you can save even more!

With Q-Connect you have a guaranteed satisfaction warranty

Q-Connect toner cartridges are designed to provide you with the same print quality, page yield. All products are backed by a 2 year comprehensive warranty.

If you experience any issue with a Q-Connect product, we do not leave you alone. Our in-house team of professionals are glad to assist. They will arrange the replacement of the defective cartridge, provide support via the phone, or if necessary, arrange an engineer visit onsite.

With Q-Connect you buy an environmentally friendly product

Do you know that each year over 375 million empty cartridges end up in landfills? And do you know that the plastic used in those cartridges needs more than 450 years to decompose?

Q-Connect toner cartridges are remanufactured, which makes them the perfect environmentally friendly choice. By choosing Q-Connect you actively contribute to the environment by keeping tons of reusable material from landfills.

Q-Connect also provides a free-of-charge collection program as part of our zero-waste policy. Contact us at 01635 588600 to know how you can start making a difference.

Q-Connect cartridges are remanufactured